Inas system

Measurement system for particle size and concentration analysis of individual spray bursts of inhalers (MDI and DPI)

The Inas® system was developed in cooperation with the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel (Germany). With Inas® , for the first time individual spray bursts from inhalers can be reliably analysed with a temporal resolution of 10 ms with respect to the particle size distribution and particle concentration.

Benchmarking results with impactors (NGI) and Fraunhofer spectrometers are described in the dissertation from Maren Kuhli, Kiel 2009. The Inas® is based on the welas® digital system. This counting measurement method guarantees very good size resolution and size classification accuracy. Inas can measure concentrations > 107 particles/cm3 and can be operated with variable exhaust flow rates of up to 100 l/min.

The Inas® is the tool for fast and reliable quality assurance and for developing new inhalers.


Inas® 100

Real-time particle size and particle quantitative determination of spray bursts for MDIs (Metered Dose Inhaler), nebulizers and DPIs


Inas® 40

Real-time particle size and particle quantity determination of individual spray bursts for MDIs (Metered Dose Inhaler) and nebulizers