research services, field measurements and custom synthesis

In the framework of research services we take on development projects in the area of aerosol technology. We offer customized developments on the basis of particles, to obtain certain desired properties and functionalities but also in the area of industrial engineering and plant design. Additionally we offer powder synthesis as a service. Based on our technologies a large array of complexly structured particles can be generated according to your necessities.

Making use of our extensive experience with particle measurement techniques, we offer on-site measurements of immision and emission as well as workplace measurements to determine the fine-particle dust burden.  On the basis of these measurements and their qualified interpretation, a risk-assessment and a consultation about measures for the reduction  of the fine-particle dust burden can be conducted.

In addition, process measurements and laboratory analyses for powder producing and processing industries are also offered. In this area extensive knowledge on the behavior of aerosols and powders in a process, during sampling and measurement are the necessary basis of a qualified assessment of the particle characteristics.

Services offered:

  • Research and development projects
  • custom synthesis of powders
  • On-site measurements of dust immision and emission
  • Process measurements and laboratory analyses for powder producing or processing industries
  • Consulting in the area of technical aerosols
Overview of Services