SpraySpy® - measurement technique for R&D and quality control by AOM Systems

The monitoring of atomization processes is often an essential task in process engineering, for example in spray drying or coating. Many measurement techniques are not suitable for such applications, because they cannot measure individual drops, the drop velocity or, because they are complicated to set up and operate.

To overcome these limitations AOM-Systems developed SpraySpy® - a new laser based measurement technology. Each drop is characterized individually by its size, velocity and momentum. SpraySpy® is easy to use and measures transparent and non-transparent droplets – even under explosive conditions (ATEX) or with electrostatic atomizers.

SpraySpy® can be instrumental in the development of new paints, for quality monitoring of atomizers, for research on injection processes or for the inline monitoring of production processes. 


SpraySpy® Highlights:

  • Simultaneous measurement of the size and velocity of drops

  • Characterization of the drop momentum and ux density

  • Measurement of transparent and non-transparent drops

  • Inline measurement in the production process

  • „Plug&Play“ measurements without adjustment

  • Measurement under explosive conditions (ATEX) and with electrostatic atomizers

  • Provides all data to ful ll speci cations of DIN SPEC 91325, 91342 and 91343