Filter test rigs

Our partner Palas GmbH has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of filter test rigs.

HMT 1000 Heatable modular test system for oil mist separators better as ISO 17536

  • Quality assurance for oil separators
  • New and further development of oil separators, e.g. coalescence separators, cyclonic separators and other inertia separators, electrofilters and filter combinations, e.g. for 
    • Blow-by aerosols

DFP 3000 Compressed air filter test rig

  • Testing of complete filters better than ISO 12500 
  • Testing of filter media
  • Determination of the drainage amount during burdening

TVE 3000 for vacuum cleaner tests with dust in accordance with the standard EN 60312

  • Emission measurements in accordance with standard EN 60312
  • Measurement of the fraction separation efficiency for the vacuum cleaner with bag and for the vacuum cleaner with HEPA end filter