Kr-85 system

Neutralizer to generate a defined bipolar charge distribution for aerosols for calibration and extremely precise measurements

The Kr-85 series of neutralizers offers a reliable method for setting a defined charge distribution, combined with the advantages of long service life and low maintenance.

They are often used for SMPS systems and for calibrating nanoparticle counters. For example, bipolar neutralization is mandatory for traceable calibration of a condensation particle counter (ISO / FDIS 27891).

Two models are available for your measurement tasks with radiation activities of 57 MBq and 370 MBq.

Krypton 85 (Kr-85) is a radioactive noble gas. When released, it is practically not absorbed by the body; inhaled Kr-85 is exhaled again. In the available form, the Kr-85 neutralizer is a closed radioactive source, which is provided with an additional lead-lined housing on request to keep the radiotoxicity as low as possible.