particle charge measurement: Palas Charme-System

Determination of the electrical charge of ultrafine aerosols from 2 nm to 10 µm for the determination of the number concentration

The Charme® reference aerosol electrometer measures the electrical charges on aerosol particles.

If the charge status of the aerosols is not known, then a charger or neutralizer is installed upstream from the Charme® in order to generate a defined charge distribution. The charged particles are discharged through very high resistance. The resulting discharging current is measured with a resolution of 1 fA = 10-15 .

The Charme® is also used to calibrate CPCs as per ISO 27891 because current measurement is directly traceable to SI units.

An on-site correlation between the measured current and the mass concentration is able be determined by means of a gravimetric filter, which can be switched out by the user.

The Charme® features reliable performance, components of optimal quality, and easy operation using the touch screen.




Charme - reference aerosol electrometer