Particle counter for environmantal monitoring: ENVI-CPC system

Monitoring of number concentration of ultrafine aerosols in ambient air or for stand-alone applications

The Palas® condensation particle counter ENVI-CPC is a CPC for environmental ambient air monitoring available in two models, each of them being optimised for a different concentration range. Model 100 is created for lower concentrations, whereas model 200 is appropriate for high concentrations and offers single particle counting up to 2,000,000 particles/cm3. The latter one can be used for ambient air monitoring without a dilution system.

The condensation process makes the nanoscale particles measurable. In addition to quantity, the ENVI-CPC also measures the droplet size of condensed particles, thus providing additional information about the condensation process.

The ENVI-CPC is equipped with an isothermal Nafion® aerosol dryer that has no consumables and can be used for months without maintenance. The humidity of the aerosol at the inlet is measured and controlled. Additionally, it has a second pump for the working fluid in order to suck it out of a large butanol reservoir. Due to those features it can operate for months without refilling the fluid reservoir.