Wide range measurement of particle size distributions: U-RANGE system

Continuous measurement of particles in the size range of 8 nm to 40 μm

A sub-analysis alone is often performed for the determination of the aerosol concentration in the workplace, in the environment or within an interior space. In the case of mass determinations, e.g. PM10 and PM2.5, ultrafine particles and/or nanoparticles are usually not considered. However, it is precisely these tiny particles that penetrate more deeply into the human respiratory tract.

The Palas U-RANGE combines a U-SMPS for nanoparticle measurements with an optical aerosol spectrometer, thus enabling automatic and continuous measurement of the particle size distribution of airborne particles between 8 nm and 40 µm. In addition, it simultaneously determines the following PM fractions: PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, and TSP (PMtot). The time resolution of the system is 5 minutes, thus enabling measurement and analysis of the dynamic timing of an aerosol (e.g. during a workday).

Both systems can also be used individually. The data are saved in one file when the systems are combined. The enclosed evaluation software provides an array of sophisticated data evaluation and export functions.

The U-RANGE is the zenith of aerosol measurement technology with respect to measuring range. It provides optimal accuracy and reliability.



U-RANGE 2000

Useful combination of the Fidas® and U-SMPS systems for particle measurements in the size range of 8 nm to 40 µm

U-RANGE 2000