GFG system

Generation of nano-scale test aerosols from graphite, silver (Ag), gold (Au), copper (Cu), etc. through condensation

For more than 20 years, the GFG digital series has been successfully used worldwide for the generation of nano-scale solid particle aerosols based on its excellent reproducibility, excellent dosing constancy, very easy handling, and low maintenance requirements.

Due to its reliable performance, the GFG digital series has been proven to be very effective in the generation of test aerosols from nano-scale particles of graphite, silver (Ag), gold (Au), and copper (Cu) within the size range of < 10 nm to approx. 400 nm. Test aerosols similar to diesel soot are generated with graphite electrodes. Argon is required as the carrier gas. There have been numerous publications about the so-called "spark generator" based on the advantages of this aerosol generator.


GFG 3000