Glowing wire Nanoparticle generator: single digit metal Nanoparticles

Particle generator for metal particles in the size range well below 10 nm at high concentrations.

The GWG produces a stabil Pt-aerosol of adjustable particle size distribution and concentration which is ideal for laboratory experiments and instrument calibration.

Operation with nitrogen or argon is possible. The housing is vacuum tight and made of stainless steel with standard vacuum flange connectors. Electrodes for the electrical connection of the wire are isolated in PTFE. Swagelok connectors for 6 or 8 mm tubing for the gas- and aerosol lines are provided. A power supply with 0-10 A and 0-10V output, input 50Hz 240 V is used to heat the wire for particle production. The aerosol output is controlled variation of the electric current. Fig. 1 shows measurements taken with the Palas USMPS- system at 8 and 10 A. The data shows that the current allows for a good control over the particle size distribution. The stability of the aerosol over time is shown by repeated measurements over the course of 30 min.