Dust View II system

Dust measuring device for comparing the dust formation of powders and bulk materials

Dust occurs during the production, conveyance and filling of powders, bulk materials, granulates, etc. Manufacturers can optimize powders in order to minimize the formation of dust. The DustView II provides a system for the virtually fully automatic and economical comparison of dust formation among various powders or analysis of the impacts of the optimization described above.

The DustView was developed by BASF. Palas® has built and marketed the DustView under license since 1997. The DustView II was developed in-house by Palas® and builds on the industrial success of the original DustView.

In addition to its other advantages, the DustView II's new electronic system and new software and firmware enable the direct comparison of up to ten different measurements.

Users have been enjoying the advantages of the DustView II since 2012.


Dust View II