Particle size distributions from nano to micro: Aero particle sizer

Tragbares vollintegriertes Gerät zur Messung von Partikelgrößenverteilungen und Anzahlkonzentration von 10nm bis 17 µm

The only high resolution scanning electrical mobility particle sizer of its kind, ANCON’s Aero Particle Sizer provides the performance of a laboratory grade instrument in a portable, self-contained package to enable field studies and in-situ research. 

Setting a new standard for high sensitivity and selectivity aerosol measurements, the Aero Particle Sizer is a simple to use instrument with the ability to measure particle size distributions over a range of 10nm to 20µm, within a matter of minutes. 

Laboratory grade research instrument.

  • Portable and straightforward to integrate into application specific testing and research. 
  • Dual functionality modes: Spectrometer and Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) mode.
  • Non-hazardous, odourless working fluid.
  • Low working fluid consumption allowing up to 2,000 hours between refills.
  • Low safety and handling requirements.
  • Low energy x-ray charger system instead of traditional radioactive sources.
  • Touch screen display and intuitive user interface.
  • Sampling within a matter of minutes.
  • On-board computer for unattended operation, data storage and processing.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables wireless data transfer and remote control function.

Moving aerosol studies out of the lab

Size, weight, complexity and the use of radioactive sources in traditional high sensitivity aerosol spectrometers has largely confined measurements to the lab. Utilising a non-toxic, organic working fluid, the Aero Particle Sizer has been specifically designed to provide the same sensitivity and selectivity for these particle size distribution measurements to be made wherever the application requires them: the field, the manufacturing floor, or even the office.

Simple to configure and operate

Sampling can begin within minutes of sample preparation. The on-board computer with touch-screen display, low working fluid consumption enabling up to 2,000 hours between refills, and high data storage capacity means the Aero Particle Sizer is ideal for long periods of unattended operation.

Aero Particle Sizer

Charme - reference aerosol electrometer