Bench-top nanoparticle synthesis system NPS-20

turnkey system for flame spray pyrolysis in early product development

NPS-20 is a turnkey bench-top flame spray pyrolysis unit for nanoparticle synthesis at the research and early product development level. NPS-20 has been designed for fast screening of the broad parameter space of material compositions and process conditions available in FSP synthesis to speed up nanomaterial development. 

The NPS-20 can be placed on a laboratory bench or is delivered with a mobile rack on request. In any case the system must be placed in a chemical fume hood or similar enclosed and vented area for operation.



Main features

  • Lab-scale flame spray reactor 
  • Low-pulsation syringe pump
for precise feeding of liquid precursor.
  • 4 mass flow controllers for delivering the process gases: dispersion oxygen, supporting flame methane and oxygen and optional sheath gas.
  • Automatic flame ignition system. 

  • Flame detector.
  • Integrated microprocessor and electronic board for process control.
  • Control software and communication via RS 232.
  • Glass fibre filter and dry rotary vane vacuum pump for the collection of product powders.
  • Pressure and temperature gauges for monitoring the filter status.
product data sheet NPS-20