Aerosol measurements in nuclear installations

Based on our experience in aerosol generation and measurement we offer field measurements in nuclear installations to qualify aerosol sampling systems for emission control by determining loss factors

Measurements in nuclear installations

To prevent the release of radioaktive particles into the environmant the effluent air in nuclear installations is continuously monitored for radioactivity. Fot this a sample flow is extracted from the effluent air from which an partial flow is extracted isokinetically by a monitoring unit. The transport efficiency of the aerosol particles by the sampling system depends on the size and density of the particles as well as on the flow velocity and the geometry of the tubing connecting the sampling site with the measuring unit. The determination of the fraction of the aerosol transported to the filter of the measuring unit is therefore an important quantity. ParteQ offers the determination of loss factors in accordance with KTA 1503 and ENSI G13.